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Y’all- is it possible to have a crush on an inanimate object? Because I have the biggest crush on my new camera bag from TheIt Bag Company. The amazing folks over there sent me this AMAZING, gorgeous leather bag that is the epitome of function and fashion. Granted its a huge step up for me since I used to wrap my camera in a t-shirt so it wouldn’t get banged up in my 8 year old purse but now, I can slip it right into its merry little spot and carry that bag around as if I’m actually fashionable and not wearing underwear from 2006.


I cannot brag on this bag enough. I’m not a model, not even close to a “well she could be a hand model” type. In fact, when I look at this picture all I can think about it how glad I am that I don’t have my fly down and how desperately I need to start wearing lipstick BUT I had to snap some pictures for my friends at TheIt to show off this amazing bag they sent.

As a special gift to my readers, they have set up a special 15% off discount on all of their camera bags. Just enter the code, LOVEMM15 and it is good through the end of March. And, right now, they have a free shipping special for all orders $199+ to anywhere in the US/Canada (regularly about $28.95) so its definitely the perfect time to make the most of the special discount!

Thanks again TheIT for making an amazing product and y’all treat yo-self to that discount!


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  • Kate@Daffodils

    WHy don’t people send me free things? How can I make this happen? THat bad is the (2006 underwear-style)_

  • Kate@Daffodils


  • Angela

    You are GORGEOUS – definitely model material 🙂

  • Jude

    oooh, that is one nice bag. (the grey/cream in the photo… swoon!)
    i keep telling myself i am going to make an insert for a purse to hold my camera.
    i have realized, i am lying to myself.