Bennett Rippy 5 Months

5 Months BR

Oh sweet Bennett Rippy,

As your daddy and I listened to you scream late last night for 40 minutes because I’m sure something devastating woke you up like your sleep sack brushing up against your foot or an electric Hybrid car drove by 5 miles away, and with a grand finale of wanting to start your day at 5:30am, your daddy looked at me said, “He is a sweet baby, but he is NOT an easy baby.” These 5 months with you have stretched me as a mama beyond what I could have imagined. You still don’t like consistently sleeping even though we have you on an awesome, consistent schedule and do sleep training like it’s our ever-loving job. But man, you are so sweet. You love to snuggle, you love to squeal and babble, and you still give the best smiles in the whole world. You laugh a gleeful laugh when I tickle your neck or thighs. And you break out into the greatest, gummy smile any time big brother Bud plays with you or Roy the dog walks near you.

IMG_7088 IMG_7099

You have mastered rolling over from front to back but still can’t quite roll over from back to front. You love to grab at everything in sight, especially Mama’s hair. When you’re in your infant seat or crib, you love to kick, kick, kick your legs and you’d think an elephant was walking through the house. You my friend, have delicious thunder thighs.IMG_7091

You’re still eating well, taking a bottle 4 times a day (you started hating nursing at 4.5 months because my let-down was so slow so bottles it is!) and 2 little meals of “mo-meal”, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, pears, or avocados. You got your first tooth this month, just shy of turning 6 months! I think the other bottom tooth is making its way through because you’ve been a bit fussier this week.

You, my poor dude, are battling a little cold right now. You have gotten more colds courtesy of Bud in your 5.5 months than Bud did in his entire first year. But, you’ve been a pretty good sport through them all.

IMG_7105 IMG_7101

You are SO close to sitting on your own. You can do it for a few seconds but then your giant dome-piece just starts dragging your sweet, chubby body towards the floor. Mama is always right there to make sure you never hit the ground. Bud and I love playing with you and Bud continues to amaze me at how much he loves you. I’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll see him just kneeling next to you cupping your face or holding your hand saying, “I wuz (love) you dddooooo (so) much Ben-Rippy. Now hold my hand!”…  I pray the two of you are always best friends.


I adore you Bennett Rippy, my Sleepless in Seattle, my snuggle buddy, and my humbling blessing. Happy 5 months my son.

Love, Mama


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  • Lauren Richter Metzler

    He looks so much like you. I wish you were here this weekend. I can’t wait to see ya!

  • jude

    Well, if he isn’t go to love sleeping, as least he is SO cute. I mean really… he is adorable. You are a great mama, and all your boys are blessed. (love the sleepless in seattle line too 😉