Bennett Rippy 4 Months

4 months BR

IMG_6977 IMG_6983 IMG_6975 IMG_6993 IMG_6997 My Bennett Rippy,

When you were 4 months old you weighed 14 pounds, 4 ounces. You were 25.5 inches long and had a “head that’s bigger for his age”. I say “were” 4 months old because you are almost 5.5 months old as I’m typing this post. Great.

Your daddy had to go on a training for over a month and just got back this weekend so I’ve been a bit busy making sure you didn’t starve to death or stay up all night despite your best efforts.

You are such a sweet baby, seriously my boy. You smile all the time. You eat well. You still beam at your big brother and your 4 legged brother. You gave me a few good nights of sleep this month. All in all, I think we’ll keep you around.

I love you sweet child, I’ll try and get the 5 month old post up on timeā€¦.

Love, your Mama

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