Bud: 2 1/2 Years

Oh sweet boy,

I can’t believe you are two and a half years old. But honestly, I kinda can. I know when I’m older and y’all are out of the house, I’ll say, “Man, that flew by.” but that day ain’t today. I have loved every single day with you in these two and a half years but it doesn’t mean that they have flown by. I still look at you in awe at how big you’ve become and how well you are talking and communicating like a little person. You are definitely no longer a baby, you are a mostly functioning (potty training dude…. lets do this thing) independent child. I love it. I’m glad it’s not flying by.

You are my playmate and my conscience. You have taken on the role of big brother like a champ. We still have a lot of special Mama and Bud time which I think has helped the transition. We sneak out every morning during Bennett Rippy’s nap and explore until our hands are cold, our stomachs are growling, and our hearts are full.


You say the funniest things that I keep trying to write down but honestly, I can’t keep up! You’re doing so well in preschool and have boundless energy.


You are a lover of “selfies”, wrestler of many, and have the greatest love for music.


You are extremely opinionated and stubborn…. I’ll give your dad credit for this one. I know it’ll serve you well as you get older and undoubtedly, will be a force to be reckoned with.

You love your family and I forget about all the tantrums when you sweetly call out, “Mama? I luz you soooo much.” Oh ok sweet boy, I’ll forget that you sucker punched me in the jaw because good Lord that was adorable. 


I think you are around 30 pounds and 3 feet 2 inches tall. You still have striking blue eyes, beautiful blonde hair with the slightest of curl, and the greatest laugh that’ll set the darkness on fire.

You are outgrowing your tick of twirling your hair when you get nervous or tired. And the giant bald spot on top where you really went to town is finally growing back in. You still flap your hands wildly any time you get excited. This has been something you have done since you were an infant.

I find myself just staring at your trying to memorize your profile.


I hope we always play together my son and most of all, I hope you get to love like the way we love you. Wild, unconditional, and without limits.


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  • marawolff

    Oh Martha, your new blog banner has my heart singing! What a beautiful and inspirational post.