I don’t know if I can handle resolutions this year. Most days I feel like my resolution is to survive and still manage to be a good Mama and wife. But I do have some goals that are important to me.

1. Don’t get pregnant. Seriously.

2. I know I need to stop thinking that moving back home will solve everything. Because guess what? Nothing on this side of heaven will be a fix-all. Not a bigger house, being near family, SUNSHINE, or old friends. I need to learn to love the season I’m in, even if it’s messy and hard. It’s still a season that I can’t fast-forward through so I might as well look up long enough to see the Glory of God in the hard moments.

3. Rejoice that my body brought 2 boys into this world and stop looking at it with the same disdain that I look at dried Playdoh stuck in the carpet. With that being said, I should make exercising a resolution right? Blah blah.

4. Get to know my neighbors better. We live in a military community so everyone is so transient that as soon as I get close with a neighbor, they move. (Thanks a lot Deana) But it doesn’t make them any less valuable to know. Bud and I have a new favorite thing to do during BR’s morning nap. We take some baked goods to an older couple up the road and Bud plays with their puppy. And we frolic in the front grassy area so it’s prime location for chatting it up with new neighbors.

5. Print more pictures. I have ZERO printed pictures of Bennett Rippy in our house. I promise I rejoice he’s a part of this family but you wouldn’t be able to tell by my walls. I ordered some of my friend Mara’s pictures she took of our family from and will hang them pronto. I’m also working on some Instagram books from Artifact Uprising. Any other creative ways I can work photos into our house? We play our photosteam on our AppleTV through the day which I love.

6. Stop checking Instagram when I’m playing with my kids. It can wait. I repeat, it can wait.

7. Accept the messy. The messy house. The messy tantrums. The messy life. There’s got to be beauty found in the messy, I just need to open my eyes to it.

8. This one is big. And only a few folks know about it. I’ve written a book. Well, a children’s book series. It’s a 9 part series and I’m SO FRIGGIN’ PUMPED about it. I’m going to publish it this year. I might be blowing y’all up for a Kickstarter campaign or trying to get the word out, but hear me blogging world, I will publish it. I believe in it so much and think it can be so valuable for families. I’ve got it ready to go and been sending it out to literary agents. My friend Smitty is illustrating because he’s awesome and I think we’ll like working together. I repeat- I will be publishing my children’s book series this year. Anyone got any agency or publishing contacts? Wink!

Happy 2014 bitches!! ***** Mic drop.

(I have no idea why I needed to do that but I did)

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  • Buffy

    I love you a whole lot. Excited for all your goals, especially hearing you on numbers 1-8…yeah that’s all of them.

  • marawolff

    thanks for the shout out martha —- i can’t wait to see the images you chose up on your wall! i have some fun ideas for printing and decorating with your pictures and I’m working on a post for tips on how to create gorgous family albums. you are welcome to come and check out our Artifact Uprising albums before you order yours. I have a link to a few on the blog now ( but there is nothing quite like checking out their amazing quality in person. and I’m pretty darn excited to get my hands on your books…I know my children and I will adore them!

  • Rebecca

    I would love to hang out more as I am your neighbor, let’s do it! I am so excited about #8!

  • Deana Vogt

    Aww Martha, I sure do miss you a whole bunch!! I’m soooo excited about your books, you’re awesome! I’ll pre order them 🙂 Love you!

  • Natalia

    You. Are. Awesome. I think we are long lost soul mates since I’m going though all the same thoughts and issues: I’m never getting pregnant again, I just moved home and realized that indeed, it doesn’t solve everything, I realized that my body will never be the same after 2 kids in 2 years, I also need to accept the messy, I definitely need to print photos of Ford AND I’ve been working on a young adult fiction book for years…..Like I said on Instagram, you are always welcome down in Santa Cruz!