Christmas 2013

IMG_6919It came and it went and it was beautiful. There is something really magical about Christmas when your kid is old enough to get excited about Santa. And yes, we plan on lying to him to keep that magic alive as long as we can. Judge me but I’ll be the one squealing with joy as we shake a bell outside of his door so he thinks its Santa’s sleigh. 

We decorated our gingerbread house. We made and decorated Christmas cookies for our friends, mail lady, garbage collectors, and firemen. We decorated the tree. They wore Christmas PJs. We listened to Christmas music. I cooked a huge Christmas Eve supper even though it was just the 4 of us. Every Christmas Eve we make a pallet on the floor and watch Polar Express. I slow cooked a ham Christmas morning while we opened presents and saw the delight in Bud’s eyes with each box. And then, we revealed the letter from Santa saying Bud’s big present was in the garage waiting for him. And his head exploded because all he had been asking for from Santa was a “big car”. Y’all it was incredible.

IMG_3235 IMG_3278 IMG_3279 IMG_3283 IMG_3297 IMG_6907 IMG_6909 IMG_6911 IMG_6920 IMG_6929 IMG_3303

We of course talked a lot about Jesus’ birthday and in the midst of the craziness I tried to remember the greatest Rescue Plan that saved a wretch like me. I hope y’all had an awesome Christmas and aren’t making too many crazy New Year’s resolutions.

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