Bennett Rippy- 3 Months

BR 3 Months


Dear Bennett Rippy,

Well well well, we are a week shy of you turning 4 months and I’m just now posting your 3 month update. But from what I can tell, you aren’t going to hold it against me. Plus, you can’t read sooooo…. I’m good. These 3 months have either flown by or moved like molasses depending on the day.

You still aren’t a great sleeper but we’re working on it my friend.

You got your first cold/cough thanks to big brother. It was heartbreaking but you got through it.

You are still a decent eater but have a pretty sensitive tummy so Mama still can’t eat dairy which is killer.

We have a bunch of names for you: Bennett Rippy, Bennett, Rip, BR, QB2, or Baby Brother. Your brother has coined the double name so you are always “Ben-Rippy” to him.

Things you love: smiling, your brother, music, Roy the dog (except when his tail hits you), playing on your mat, when Mama and brother have dance parties, rattles, and your paci.

Things you hate: long naps, sleeping through the night, when a bunch of people come up to you all at once, when Mama leaves the room, and evening time.

You learned how to roll over from your front to back, and you’ve really discovered your voice. It’s hilarious to hear you just “talk”/coo all day. You also gave me your first real giggle this month…. I swear, that laugh could solve the world’s problems.

You continue to be awesome little man and I’m excited to see you grow. And oh yeah… please start sleeping soon.

Love, Mama

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  • Jude

    great documenting! he will love reading these someday… unless my prediction is true, that eventually the internet will self destruct because of all the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s arse 😉