Bennett Rippy at Two Months

2 Months BR

Well my dear, you are 2 months old. (Well, you’re almost 3 months old by the time I’m writing this post but that’s besides the point)

This hasn’t been a super easy month for me and you. You had major sleep regression which led to some sparse naps, overtired screaming fits, mama being stressed and sleep deprived which led to low milk supply…. yada yada yada. BUT, you are still friggin’ adorable and give the best smiles.

The doctor said you are healthy at 12 pounds 2 ounces. Blue eyes, your hair is starting to come back in, and the reflux meds are still helping you out.

You love watching me and your brother play, you follow Daddy with your eyes when he gets home at night, and you really love getting up early. The last one you could work on for me will ya?

You HATED, I repeat HATED your 2 month vaccinations so we are researching on spreading them out since you had such a bad reaction. Screaming bloody murder for 4 hours straight and crankiness for 10 days counts as a bad reaction right? But I’m grateful to live in a place where vaccinations are available.

I adore every cranky, cute, blue eyed part of you and here’s to more growing!

IMG_6850 IMG_3133

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