Quadruple Coupons!

Ok I lied. I don’t even think there is such a thing as quadruple coupons at Harris Teeter. BUT, just a test, did you get too excited over that? I have a feeling I’m not going to make any new friends with this post… but I shall proceed.

Matthew 6:21, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
This verse always kicks me straight in the gut. I’m not picking on coupon ladies, so please don’t hit me with your coupon binders. But do we get too excited about things that pass like coupons or a new Patty Griffin album or the Oscars or a new shirt? Or even worse, do we run up to strangers and share the great news that it is SUPER DOUBLES at Harris Teeter or TWENTY DOLLAR JEANS AT OLD NAVY (did I just get too excited typing that? maybe…)?
That is what our treasure is. I couldn’t stop talking to my neighbor about our awesome new chicken coop and the new Patty Griffin album. Did I tell him about my life? How God has changed it? How much he deserves to be loved? No. I talked about how track #3 was amazing and life changing. Blurgh.
How much time do I spend reading reviews for albums? Making my grocery list to see how many coupons I can use or how many recipes I can make that include chicken? Or checking to see what my third grade bestie was doing on New Years on facebook…OMG LOL? That is what my treasure is.
I know that it takes a lot to have a reality check with yourself about where your heart is. But man, I don’t want my heart to be in those temporary things, those unfulfilling things (sorry Patty, but for real, call me if you need a backup singer), and those cheap treasures. I want my treasures and my heart to rest in my Author.
Come treasure hunting with me. And no, Old Navy is not on the way.
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