1 Month

One Month- BennettSweet Bennett,

Technically you are 6 weeks old but Mama didn’t get your 1 month pictures taken on time. You are beyond awesome and despite your gas and reflux, you really go with the flow. You have started your social smile and anytime me or your brother come over to play with you (aka make ridiculous faces and noises) you just light up with the biggest smiles.

You are eating every 3 hours like a champ, sometimes stretching it to 3.5. As long as I take the time to keep you upright and burp you for 15 minutes after you eat at night, you pretty much make it to 3 hours without complaint. You’ve had the occasional rough night but hey- you’re a baby so that’s part of the gig.

I can’t wait for your 2 month check up (minus the shots) to see how much you weigh but you are filling out nicely and seem very healthy. I cut out dairy to help your gas/reflux and it helped some but your baby acne also went away so maybe you just don’t like it when Mama eats dairy….. there’s no dairy in Twizzlers right?

Just like your brother, you hate tummy time, love music, do well on the eat/play/sleep routine, and like being loosely swaddled with your arms by your head. Your eyes are still blue but a darker blue like your Daddy’s. I can’t wait to see if they lighten like your brothers or turn green like mine.

I adore you little one and keep growing!

Love, Mama







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  • Daron Nicole Walters

    ah! I want to squeeze him!

    • we miss you! i need to see how big your dude has gotten!

  • Molly Parker

    Oh my he is the cutest!!! Looooove his smile! Thanks for the update!

  • Laurie Parks

    A-dorable! That smile could light up even a PNW gloomy day.

  • Jude

    he is SO cute!! love that you are writing these fun memories down 🙂