Pumpkin Patch

There’s a pumpkin patch just a few minutes away from us with TONS of activities so we’ve been taking full advantage of it. Hayrides, cow trains, pony rides, hay jumps, hay maze, petting zoo, APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS, and obviously pumpkins everywhere. Bud loves it and we’ve gone three times already so that he can run around and explore…. plus, did I mention it had caramel apples?!

Yes- Sam had to ride with Bud in the tiny cow train because the lady thought Bud was too little even though if she had said he could ride by himself, I may have paid her $20 extra just to tell Sam he had to ride along.

IMG_6708 IMG_6713 IMG_6717 IMG_6720 IMG_6726 IMG_6730 IMG_6732 IMG_6740 IMG_6748 IMG_6750 IMG_6760

Bud’s mind basically exploded when he got to ride the pony…. we have a cowboy on our hands apparently. Hope yall had a good long weekend!

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