From the mouth of Bud…

Here are some more moments of funny conversation with my Bud:

I told Bud he had his daddy wrapped around his finger and he just lifted his finger up to his face and stared at it with a very confused look on his face. Note to self, the kid takes things literally.

While we were praying before supper and I had my eyes closed Bud grabbed my arm and whispered, “Mama! Wake up!” At least the kid takes prayer seriously.

Any time he sees letters, he starts to spell it saying “T-R-E-R”… I have no idea where he got that but that’s how he thinks everything is spelled.

When calls me from his nap, he yells “MAMA! MAMA! MOM! MAMA! ……… MARTHA!” I can’t even make this up, the kid yells MARTHA when he really needs me. 

He thinks I sleep when he sleeps (I wish) so as soon as he wakes up he yells, “Mama! Wake up!”

Sam has started saying, “Women!” in an exasperated tone because he knows it is the easiest way to set me off/make me laugh (I should add my husband and I are both egalitarians and he is a champion of women so he is 100% joking when he says this) and the other day in the car Bud and I were going back and forth because I wouldn’t let him unbuckle his carseat which apparently is the worst news I could have given my son and in response he lets out a huge sigh and says, “Come on women!”

………. Sweet Lord, I love this kid.


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  • ashley

    i have to hear bud say “come on women.” john and i still quote bud’s “come on….” on an alarmingly frequent basis.

    • it’s hysterical and ridiculous all at the same time