Rendi Review

I’ll admit it, I’m too lazy to be a scrapbooker. So when I was contacted about reviewing Rendi’s Storyboard concept I jumped at the opportunity. It is an easy, adorable, and creative way to basically hang a scrapbook in your house.

You get to design the board, and honestly, it turned out much more attractive than I had expected. I put our family motto at the top and get to switch out the photos as often as I like. Rendi comes with an app for your phone and once you download it, you can upload any image off of your phone and make a “tag” that you can hang on your storyboard. You can put titles and descriptions on the tag so that you can remember what each pictures stands for on your storyboard- so it’s like a scrapbook that you can see every day!

You can read more about Rendi here. It’s a pretty cool company with a legit product. We hung our storyboard in the nursery so that Bennett could get to know his family and we can’t wait to add more pictures of him!


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  • Lilkidthings

    Super cute!