You have captured not only our hearts, but your brother’s heart as well. I know there will be fights, wrestling matches, competition, sports, girls, and hopefully covering for each other when you inevitably get in trouble. But for right now, I will soak in these simple moments of Bud taking in every little inch of you. There is something pretty magical about a having a big brother, and you my Bennett have the greatest big brother in Bud. He will look after you, protect you, make you laugh, and maybe even buy you beer one day. Treasure him as much as he is treasuring you.

Love, Mama

IMG_6673 IMG_6675 IMG_6665 IMG_6660 IMG_2955 IMG_6704

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  • Kathryn Holding

    Brought tears to my eyes, Martha! So much love in these pictures.

  • Kim

    Love! Can’t wait for sisters!

  • sarah lidbom