1-3 Week Old Bennett Rippy


Stats at 2 week check up:

Weight: 8 lb 14 oz…. woot! Way to go booboo juice!

Length: 20 3/4 inches

Reflux: yup.

Baby acne: yup.

Cuteness level: In the 100th percentile

For the most part, Bennett is eating on a great 3 hour schedule. I have to spend about 30 minutes keeping him upright and burping him after he eats otherwise it ends in a 2 hour long screamfest which really he’s just yelling, “YOUR BREASTMILK IS POISON MOM!”

He has gorgeous blue eyes, his mama’s nose, and everyone thinks he looks like my dad. Did I mention Bennett is my maiden name? So its kind of sweet that he’s looking like a Bennett since Bud is really looking exactly like Sam. And while we are talking about names, Bennett = my maiden name and Rippy = my maternal great-grandmother’s maiden name. Metzler = my baby daddy. And just like that we have Bennett Rippy Metzler.

We are finding our groove as a family of 4 and I forgot how sweet the first month is full of snuggles and baby smells. Bud is taking to being a big brother like a champ and my heart is so full. I’m beyond grateful to have two healthy boys, an amazing husband, and a crazy-ass dog that it’s hard to find gloom around here despite the rainy season setting in.

First bath!


This picture looks SO much like my Dad

IMG_6685 IMG_6684

This quilt was in Sam’s room when we was growing up and little Bennett’s monthly pictures will feature this gem. Bud’s monthly pictures are so sweet to me so it’ll be fun to watch Bennett grow month to month on this quilt.




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  • Ashley

    oh my gosh, he is a mini Graham!!!! that’s nuts.