Things I’ve learned from the first week – Real Talk

1. Sometimes I don’t have enough eyes or hands or I’m stuck on the couch breastfeeding and Bud gets into things he shouldn’t. I can’t promise you I didn’t find him eating a cheese stick out of the trash. I also can’t promise you he didn’t run inside the house with dogpoop all over his shoes screaming, “Mama! Dogpoop! Hooray!” and preceded to try and wipe it off with my nice handtowels.

2. Nursing boobs yall. I feel like Tammy Taylor mixed with an ale girl…. Friday Night Lights: St. Paulie’s Edition.

3. Insatiable nursing hunger has set in. I remember it with Bud but man, I literally could eat the entire house. This does not bode well for post-partum weight loss.

4. I’ve been pooped on…. by both boys. Also side note: going from changing Bennett’s diaper to changing Bud’s diaper I realize more than ever I need to potty train Bud. I feel like I’m changing a pre-teen’s diaper. Gross.

5. I’ve realized there’s no formula. You just have to make it work. I’m trying to find “my way” and even if it doesn’t end up in some parenting book one day, I think my kids will end up ok…. even if it means every now and then they eat out of the trash and have a mom who bears cleavage even in a turtleneck.

Have an amazing weekend yall and Sam starts paternity leave after today so YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mrs. F

    Sounds like you’re dong just fine, ginormours boobs and all! I’m not looking forward to dealing with those again. My mom called them my double Qs!

  • Jude

    Has the lawn man seen you pumping yet? Then I’d say you are having one hell of a successful week. (yep. that did happen. poor guy was NEVER the same.) And remember, those ginormous boobies are good for making your waist look really small 😉