Things I’ve learned from the first week

My heart literally feels like it could burst open every time I see my two boys together. Bud is totally smitten with Bennett and always wants to hold him, “where’s baby brodder?”, and gives him little hugs. Every time Bennett Rippy is crying, Bud runs over and just pats him on the legs and says, “Otay baby brodder. Otay.” I mean……. I die.Β Roy on the other hand, could care less.

IMG_6649 IMG_6656 IMG_2864 IMG_2858 IMG_6663

Things really do just come back to you. Nursing, the functioning off of little sleep, and multitasking just come naturally the second time. Also, the recovery hasn’t been nearly as bad! Maybe my body just knew I couldn’t afford to lay on the couch for a week because I have a toddler who wants to wrestle.

Just like his big brother, chocolate kills Bennett’s stomach. It was the same with Bud, any time I ate it, he’s scream for hours and it messed with his reflux so badly. So…. that’s fun. More Sprees for me!

While we are still schedule folks, I’m a bit more relaxed with this little guy. I’ve gotten a lot of snuggles from him and taking naps on the couch which has been so priceless. Little guy is eating every 2.5-3 hours and I can handle that!

The challenges have been obvious like sleep and finding time for Sam. I miss him. But another challenge has been trying to think of fun activities for Bud to do while I’m nursing. It takes about 40 minutes each time so we made flubber, we make pillow forts, and we kick a ball back and forth. Any other suggestions? But seriously, the kid is just amazing me by how awesome he is. I am still able to play with him at the park (thank you Moby Wrap) and so far he’s happy.

IMG_2878 IMG_2879

This week is the first week on my own without Mama. Yall- the woman was a saint. Sam had to go straight back to work after Bennett Rippy was born because he had 3 big trials happening last week and this week so Mama and I held down the fort. I didn’t do any laundry, she cooked, she cleaned, she played with Bud, then she snuggled with Bennett Rippy while I played with Bud, and she argued with the car mechanics about fixing my car for the 34,575,678th time. I mean, I literally couldn’t have survived this first week without her. I’m eternally grateful. Sam will get to take paternity leave next week so I’m stoked about having our little family together.

IMG_6671 IMG_6668

All in all- I am floating on cloud 9 with this two baby thing. I know we’ll have our IbarelymadeitthroughtodayandIneedtoshower days but this past week the Lord has had mercy and I’m so happy.


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  • Betsy

    Love all the pics and Bud looks to be an amazing big bro. Have you thought about audio books for Bud while you’re nursing? X and I used to read books but this could be a hands-free option. Even some of the books Sam recorded while he was away might be cool to revisit. Sounds like you’re kicking butt, mom-of-two :). Xoxo

  • Mrs. F

    Such a beautiful family, and your mom too! Glad it’s all working out so well. I love your pillows too πŸ™‚

  • Jude

    I knew you would love to see Bud become the big brother! (despite that teeny bit of sadness that comes from not just having it be you two anymore.) you look amazing, and I just know you will rock at being a mom of two boys! love you guys πŸ™‚

  • Cary Stevens

    Ohhhhh, Martha!! What precious pictures! Bud has grown so much since I last saw him and baby is adorable! Look forward to seeing you all, hopefully soon! Love to all!

  • congratulations! He’s absolutely adorable. Are you calling him Bennett or Bennett Rippy?

    • Either πŸ™‚ Bud is calling him Bennett Rippy so it’s kind of sticking!

  • Abby Wilkerson

    Bennett is adorable!! My friend is about to have her second boy (almost exactly the same ages as yours, too bad you don’t live in Georgia!) and she’s put together a special box of goodies that her oldest only gets to play with while she’s nursing, in order to keep them special. Maybe that would work?