In the meantime…

Well since I’m past my due date and the little guy is still cooking, I’m trying to really enjoy time with our friends, my guys, AND my MAMA IS HERE!! So we’ve been playing a lot, exploring, and just trying to be “normal”. (aka, I need to stop bouncing on this stupid ball)

I can’t tell you how fun it is having Mama here. My family is so important to me so to be so far away is hard on my heart sometimes so it is such sweetness when we get to be together.

We had a cookout with some of our best buds the Williams. LJ and Sam actually went to high school together and are stationed here together which has been SUCH a blessing. Chye is pregnant too so it’s been fun to go through this together.

IMG_2772 IMG_2774

I keep telling LJ he should probably start working out more since he’s looking kind of puny.


Wednesday nights in the next town over, there is a farmers market and music on the grass that we go to. So this week Mama joined us and we had the greatest time getting fresh produce, having a picnic, and listening to the Navy brass band.

IMG_2808 IMG_2805


40 week belly there folks…. in all its glory.


Bud has aged like 5 years in 2 weeks. He plays so well and is really using his imagination. He is my favorite playmate, I can’t get enough of him. In this picture he told me he was drawing me “a rocketship!”


I’m loving this time but man, I’m ready to get this show on the road with 2.0. It’s like waiting to run a marathon but not knowing when you get to run it. So lets get this party started!

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  • Mrs. F

    You look GREAT! And your mom is gorgeous too. Hope baby comes soon!

  • Lilkidthings

    Waiting is THE HARDEST. Praying your time comes sooner than soon. That said, you are amazing and your belly is amazing and OMG how are you able to match your shoes to your outfits? I straight up love you.