37 & 39 Weeks

Oh hello still perky 37 week pregnant Martha. You look adorable in your outfit and make-up and thinking that you’ve gotten your nesting to-do list taken care of.


Oh there you are 39 week swollen Martha, it’s good to see you again since you’ve been avoiding mirrors lately. It’s kinda adorable you thought you’d be in labor by now but alas, I think that this little boy will follow in his brother’s footsteps and might take his sweet time. I’m still experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks but all in all, I’m pretty grateful to still be able to go on long walks and play with my kiddo. Despite the look on my face in the 39 week picture, I’m at peace with the fact that this baby will come when he’s ready… I SWEAR I AM AT PEACE DAMMIT!!!!!!!



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  • Lilkidthings

    You are ridiculously adorable in both. Unfollowing in 3….2….1..

  • Mrs. F

    That is an AMAZING belly! You look great in both photos. Hope the little guy decides to make an appearance soon and everything goes smoothly for you all!

  • ThatMamaGretchen

    Haha! You’re awesome! Praying that your little man does indeed arrive swiftly, those last few days can be brutal!

  • ThatMamaGretchen

    Oh, and your bump is just darling!