Easy weekend

While last weekend was action packed, we laid low this past weekend. I think we’re all just getting ready for 2.0 to join us so we are trying to soak in time together without feeling rushed.

I went in for my 38 week check up (even though I was over 38 weeks) on Friday morning expecting them to tell me it could be any day because I’d been having lots of Braxton Hicks (which I never really had with Bud) and they just laughed and smiled this pity smile and basically told me I wasn’t even close. YALL…… for real! Send labor vibes my way because this mama does NOT want to be 9 days late like I was with Bud.

I’ve got my 39 week appointment tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have some better news.

So Friday we played with our neighbors who we ADORE and are so grateful to have such great friends right there in our backyard.


Then Saturday Sam went crabbing with some guys and we got to enjoy the fruits of their labor that night as we ate crab and watched babies play.




Sunday was laid back, I got stuff done around the house and walked my tail off. Sam played golf while Bud and I did the opposite of anything active by eating frozen yogurt and playing hide and seek followed by snuggling with Roy on the couch. Life is hard folks…..

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