Well, August has officially come and I’m officially a baby soon…. and wine, because I’m also having wine as soon as this dude makes an entrance. We have been savoring our days as a family of 4 (duh, Roy included) and knowing that they are limited. We can’t wait for this little boy to come into our lives and Bud keeps saying, “Baby brodder?” No son, not yet even though I realize it looks like he might be trying to donkey kick his way out of my lady bits. 

Our days have included:

– Many trips to the park where Bud’s new favorite game is to throw his toy cars down the slide.

– The baby pool because sometimes Mama just has to float.

– LOTS of walks, which include me waddling while strangers drive by and stare in the event they get to witness the 38 week pregnant lady give birth while shoving goldfish in her toddlers mouth and wrangling a dog around a stroller. Real life folks.

– Soccer in the field near our house…. mainly with Daddy because I can’t see the ball when its at my feet.


– And hiking Mt. Rainier. Oh I didn’t mention that? Yep. We decided it was a beautiful day last Sunday to hike the giant mountain. We were afraid we wouldn’t get to it for awhile (two kids and all) and so we decided to hell with being giant, we are going to hike!! And I’m so glad we did. While I moved at a snail’s pace and I’m sure I looked like Snuffleupagus running a marathon, we had an awesome hike and got to have a snowball fight in August.





– Crabbing with my guys.



– And the nesting…. oh the nesting.
I’m loving the little and big memories that we are creating in our last couple of weeks together. I know that we will have many more when 2.0 comes along but for now, I’m quite content with my 2 guys.








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  • Jessi Kelly

    i cannot believe you hiked mt. rainier that pregnant! way to go! we just finished hiking in the sierras and that was tough enough, i can’t imagine doing it at 38 weeks. did y’all go all the way to the top? we drove by mt. rainier and john was pining to hike it but we didn’t have time. also, you are hilarious and you look amazing 🙂

    • girlfriend heck no i didn’t go to the top!!!!! we went up to paradise and then hiked awhile from there. i definitely want to summit it before we move but i think that’ll be a sans-kiddos operation!!!!

  • Jude

    cannot wait to hear about the little one’s arrival! I SO wish we were closer! You will rock this!

  • Gina Diaz

    The pictures are lovely. Such a happy family.The toy on the slide reminded me of something similar I saw on recently. May God Bless You all!