First Day of Preschool

It’s been a pretty eventful week around here! Bud started preschool last week….. WHAT?!! He is attending an amazing Montessori/Reggio Amelia school in our neighborhood. He goes two mornings a week and it was the weirdest thing having a few hours to myself! I dropped him off on the first day and while the drop off wasn’t easy (he cried), they said he calmed right down after a few minutes and had a great time! When I picked him up, he was so happy just running around and playing with the other kiddos. Oh man, it made this mama’s heart so happy. Every day it has gotten better and he seriously loves it. He came home with a painting of an asteroid and he wanted to put it on the fridge with his other art and he kept pointing to it saying, “asser-oid”. Insert joke here that my mom would not be happy about so I’m trying to restrain….. astronauts¬†hemorrhoids….. I have the worst will power.¬†

Here are some cute pictures to make up for my dumb jokes.


Then we had a jam-packed fun weekend. Friday we threw an impromptu pizza party with some friends and it was too fun that I didn’t capture any photos of the 10 kids running around in the back alley riding scooters. It is what summer was made for.

Saturday I went to lunch and pedicures with two girlfriends and it was so relaxing and exactly what I needed. We had some friends over that night for supper and went to bed happy and worn out. So we decided to relax on Sunday……. famous last words.


I woke up sick to my stomach and super light-headed. But tried to rally and so we went to the driving range. First off, it was adorable watching Bud trying to play with his Daddy. He even has his own little golf bag and clubs that I found at a yard sale.


But I was about to fall out and just didn’t feel right so we decided to go to the hospital to make sure that the baby was ok. My amazing friend Emily came in ¬†literally 2 minutes and watched Bud while we went to get checked out. Everything turned out fine, his heartbeat was awesome and while they were monitoring me they saw a couple of little contractions but honestly, I barely felt them so we went on home with the peace that our little dude was still healthy and we are just in the waiting game now!

Bring it on Metzler 2.0!


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