I’m in a class right now that detailed the different personality results, specifically Myers-Briggs. I have always felt as though there were these negative aspects of my personality. I’m too free-spirited. I am too impulsive. I make decisions based on my gut feelings even if they don’t necessarily make sense. All of these fall into my Myers-Briggs results of ESFP. However, this weekend my professor challenged me to not see these personality results as “defects” as I always had, but to see that God made me this way. I’ve been reflecting on that idea all week.

Why do we always assume some of our characteristics are negative if they are different or unique. I was praying through some of the characteristics about myself such as my impulsive nature that I had thought were negative or embarrassing. I felt like God was telling me that those were my “soul markings”. I should rejoice in my soul markings, even if they aren’t listed in the world’s characteristics that lead to success.
What are your soul markings? Are you resisting them? What if you started embracing them and allowing them to be a part of your work style, conflict management style, communication styles, whatever it may be. I’m going to start embracing mine. You may never see me on the cover of Forbes magazine, but you’ll probably see me handing out autographed Glamour Shots of myself in the mall because I decided it was a good day for a prank.
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