iPhone Pictures from San Diego

We just got back from an amazing vacation in San Diego (Encinitas technically) and it was seriously awesome. My whole family fit into a beach house overlooking the ocean. The morning views, the sunsets, the random putting green in the backyard, and the laughter around the dinner table were completely priceless. We know our lives are about to change big time and spare time will seem few and far between so this week has been so nice to soak in family time and see how happy Bud is with this grandparents, cousin, aunts, and uncles.

We did the Zoo and SeaWorld of course. We tried to go to the beach every day…. more on that later. Dad, Graham, Sam, and Nomi went hang-gliding off of a giant cliff overlooking Torrey Pines. I begged to go but apparently they frown on 9 month pregnant ladies soaring through the air in a harness. I figured I had a water birth with Bud so it was only natural that I’d tackle as many of the elements as possible? They kindly disagreed. We ate great food and laughed until our stomachs hurt (that also might be because I ate 5,980 popsicles a day). And every night we bet on how many items Bud would throw off the cliff behind the house- for some reason the kid loves to throw junk over a cliff…. including golf clubs. I choose not to over-analyze.


Bud is still mastering trying to be gentle with a baby…. he threw a water bottle at Talia and yelled, “CATCH TATA!”. The good news is it hit her square in the forehead and he won’t be dealing with another infant soon…… oh wait.


The kids were so spoiled, so much love from the entire family.




Naturally Bud gravitated to the beer cooler every day. At least he doesn’t have a barbed wire tattoo on his arm and isn’t wearing a beer stained fraternity shirt. KAPPA SIG FO LIFE!


He kept calling my brother Steven “Don” because he kept hearing us say “SteVON”… I love the way toddlers portray sounds. Either that or I just need to clean out his ears.


My morning view…. take me back now please. I woke up this morning in Washington wearing jeans and a fleece vest since the sun didn’t come out until 1pm.


My sweet family, seriously, how did I get so blessed? And large? Blessed and large.


Watching Shamu…… and afterwards he promptly suckered my dad into buying him a Shamu stuffed animal which he has refused to go anywhere without.


Bud’s love language = head butting. Deal with that Chapman.


My husband jumping off of a cliff…. so jealous. It’s not a Bennett vacation until there is an extreme sport involved. Last time it was bungee jumping, this time hang-gliding!


The two days Bud went on the beach without screaming were the first day and the last day. This was the last day after I gave him TWO chocolate chip cookies in order for him to not freak the ever-living crap out when the cold water got close to us. I’m not above bribery in order to feel sand on my feet.


Hope yall had a great week! I’ll be spending this week watching Youtube videos of the ocean, listening to the waves setting on the sound machine, and trying to actually prepare for 2.0 coming. Also- Bud starts preschool this week so there’s that. WHAT IS HAPPENING?????

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  • Lilkidthings

    What an awesome trip!! You are gorgeous and I know these memories will last forever!

  • Beth Salave’a

    Whenever I need some feel-good, laugh out loud inspiration, I read “A Softer Side of Strong.” Your perspective on life is one-of-a-kind! At the risk of sounding cliche, thanks for making the world a better place by sharing your life with us. You are one amazing woman.

  • Jude

    preschool!?!? already? LOVE the family photo, and I can imagine you found it hard to stay on steady ground and not hang glide… 😉