A very late Fourth of July

Fourth of July weekend was one of the best weekends we have had here in Washington. It started with a parade in our neighborhood that we watched with some friends. Bud LOVED it because there were firetrucks and loud cars. Then we had a festival in the townsquare and I ate my fair share of cotton candy and didn’t share it with Bud….. you know, for his teeth’s sake.

Then we went to our neighbor’s house for the afternoon and ate, played, let the kids run their sugar rushes out, and then…… set up our own fireworks. I laughed so hard and even had tears in my eyes at one point because all the kids were happily watching the fireworks, the adults were laughing hysterically at Sam and John trying not to burn their hands off setting off the fireworks, and it was a little piece of heaven. Then the exhaustion of the kids set in and they were all up past their bedtime by hour+ and so we all decided to call it a night for the kiddos before the big fireworks show. They don’t start until around 10:30 so there’s just no way we could push Bud that late. Plus, they LOVED their own fireworks in the back alley so they were satisfied.

I hope yall had an awesome 4th, that was like….. weeks ago. Womp womp. I accept your nomination for the Blogger of the Year Award.


Can you see the exhaustion setting in??

IMG_2588 IMG_2584 IMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2580

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