Bud’s 2nd Birthday

My Bud is TWO.YEARS.OLD. This is crazier to me than the fact that Miley Cyrus has a new single on the radio. I know a lot of people get sad as their little ones grow up but honestly, this dude is so fun that I am loving each stage as he gets older. His vocabulary is blowing up like crazy and he’s starting to talk in sentences and hilariously says phrases like, “I don’t wannnnn tooooo” which just cracks me up more than makes me mad. I should probably get that under control.


You are pensive, observant, hilarious, and kind of a show-off. The Lord truly made you a mixture of your Mama and Daddy. I adore watching you play with Roy and run around with this joyful laugh that literally makes my heart feel like its going to burst out of my chest.

You love trains, cars, planes, dancing, jumping on the couches, hide and seek with Daddy, wrestling with Roy, and pulling my hair… this last one is not so awesome. You have decided to grow up quickly in the last month of your first year by not wanting to sit in a high chair and only wanting to sit in the grown up chairs. You also graduated to the big boy room/big boy bed to make room for your little brother and you handled it like a champ!

You are speedy, stubborn, and loving…. these are things you get from your Daddy. You love to laugh, dance, sing, and yell with gladness when people come into our home…. these are things you get from your Mama.

We adore you little man, happy birthday!!

IMG_6410 IMG_6405 IMG_6399 IMG_6398 IMG_6386 IMG_6387 IMG_6382 IMG_6376 IMG_2547 IMG_2552 IMG_2545 IMG_2543


We had an awesome party with about 30 of our/Bud’s friends. My sister-in-law did his invitations, check out Saint Folly if you ever need any stationary or invitations! Clearly it was a train theme and it was so fun having a dozen kids running around while the parents made sure no one burnt the house down. Bud loved his cupcake of course and only ate the icing (he gets it honest), loved being the center of attention, and we gave away fun party favors of handkerchiefs, train whistles, and train lollipops. It was an awesome day and we had a great time celebrating our little Bud.


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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    Happy birthday, Bud! And happy day for you too, Mama – two years of motherhood! You are amazing!

  • Jude

    the hat, the cupcake on his face… love love love that shot!