Taking the time

It’s easy to get caught up in the every day cycle of madness and forget to take time for each other. Sam and I continue to fall more in love each day but sometimes I forget to really show him. We forget to take time to make romance in the ordinary.

The other night it was gorgeous and clear and we had gotten Bud down for the night. We had just finished cleaning the kitchen when Sam looked at me with the mischievous look in his eye that got me into this beautiful mess to begin with 9 years ago and said, “Lets climb on the roof and watch the sun set.”

A million reasons for “HELL NO” went through my head (mainly being I’m giant and we don’t own a ladder) but I giggled like the college co-ed I was when he swept me off my feet and said, “Sounds great babe.”

So he hoisted my pregnant, large tail onto the roof (ever so gracefully) and joined me, baby monitor in hand and we watched the sun set over Mount Rainier. We sat up there for hours talking about our present, our future, and every now and then snuggling up close and just enjoying the quiet.

It was beautiful, romantic, and the embodiment of why I fell in love with this man to begin with. Not to mention it was hilarious watching people’s faces as they did a double-take at the crazy people on the roof… one of whom is very pregnant.

I hope we always take time to pursue romance, we have to make time for romance, and we have to make time for each other outside of changing diapers and cleaning up toys. Because its always worth it. Always.

Because I mean… have you seen this guy?!

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  • Ruthy T.

    love the romancy guys….this was sweet!