Weekly Bump Pics 28-32

28 Weeks: Still feeling cute and “glowy”. Baby is healthy and active. The midwife appointments are still pretty spaced out so it’s not quite hitting me that I’ll be having a baby in a couple of months….. except the growing belly.

29 Weeks: Ummmm starting to feel large and in charge. And honestly, people are staring…. perhaps because I’m still trying to wear non-maternity clothes. Also- blood vessels are breaking all over my thighs…did that happen to any of you?!


30 Weeks: This is right before my adorable friend Kim threw a baby shower for me. It was so fun to celebrate this baby with my friends and he actually got some new clothes! Poor dude is destined for hand me downs so it was really fun to get some cute new stuff just for him. In other news, I have no idea why my face looks like that.


32 Weeks! Man, craziness. Today was Bud’s 2nd birthday and we had an awesome time until I looked at the little birthday song video I made for him and gasped at how damn pregnant I am. My energy is still great, the baby is doing great, CRAZY active. I went last Friday and they said that he’s positioned sideways but not to be worried because there is still a lot of room in there and hopefully he’ll get into good position in the next several weeks. Send some good head-down thoughts and prayers my way! Other than that, his heart rate is perfect and he’s measuring a bit on the small size but still in the okay realm!


It’s seriously summertime here and besides the no A/C in my house, I’m loving it! We’ve been playing outside all day and soaking in some much missed vitamin D. We have a great weekend planned and Sam has Thursday AND Friday off soooo BEST.WEEKEND.EVER!! Do yall have any fun 4th of July plans?
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  • Jennifer Dignazio

    You are a seriously cute pregnant person. I had the broken-blood-vessels-on-thighs issue as well as the blow-up-to-the-size-of-a-whale-issue. Pregnancy did not look so good on me. 😉

    • ummmm doubtful one both accounts! i’m sure you were adorable!

    • um you are WAY too nice and i seriously believe you were an adorable preggo!