I was sitting on the floor watching my son chase our poor dog with his toy dump truck and he looks back at me with wide, adventurous eyes and says, “CHASE ME MAMA!”

And I’m ashamed to say but my immediate thought was, “Ugh….. but I’m sitting. And I’m big. Our house is tiny and I don’t feel like running in tiny circles. And have I mentioned I’m big? And lazy?” and it hit me. Do I play with my son enough? I mean really play with my son?

I watch, I laugh, I make funny noises but do I participate enough? Do I join in his games? I want to be remembered as a mom who had dance parties in the kitchen, got my hands dirty with mud pies and play-dough instead of just watching, and a mom who crawled into the forts no matter how awkward I looked.

I watched this amazing tribute Stephen Colbert did for his mom and I found myself weeping because I could see in his eyes and hear in his voice how much his mama was his playmate. I so desperately want that for my boys. (I’m sure the weeping had nothing to do with my hormones…)

SO, here is my pledge. Even if I’m feeling lazy, tired, or just plain grumpy. I will play with my children. These days are short and the seasons fleeting. What a tragedy to rush through them by watching from the kitchen or because I’m staring at my computer. I will dance in the living room adorned in a funny hat, I will spend rainy days making flubber and racing cars through a masking tape racetrack, and I will chase my son. Gladly, humbly, and with every silly bone in my body, I will play.



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  • Lauren Morton-Farmer

    I’m tucking this away for when I have babies someday 🙂

    • the most beautiful babies in the world! i can’t wait to meet them 🙂