Registry List

I get asked a lot about what new moms should actually register for so I decided to start a list that I could just start sending to folks! Since #2 isn’t going to need anything new really, this list is mainly full of suggestions for folks expecting their first child.

Now I will say, there will be items that are completely subjective to your baby and you! That’s why registry lists can be so overwhelming because different babies have different needs. You’ll figure it out as that first year goes by but this is a list that I used and I’d say I used these things on the reg that first year!


Crib and Bedding

-Crib & crib mattress

– Pack n’ Play and sheets. Also, a little tip: go to your local craft store and have them cut thick foam that fits in the bottom of the pack n’ play. It makes it feel just like a crib and Bud always slept better when we had the foam in there!

-2 or 3 crib sheets (I got a couple that matched our bedding but then extra white ones because you’ll go through them a lot the first couple of months when they leak through their diaper).

-2 waterproof mattress covers (they go under the crib sheets)

Crib skirt- not for looks, but to hide stuff under the crib!

Swaddle blankets. Everyone has their own opinion on which brand but I’ve heard great things about Swaddle Me velcro swaddlers- they velcro shut. Or people swear by the Miracle Blanket but we never used it. We actually just used large Aden & Anias blankets with his hands up by his head (but still in the blanket) and that helped transition him to not needing the swaddle to sleep.

2-3 Sleep Sacks (wearable blankets)- A good transition out of swaddle. We have the Halo sleep sacks and like them.

Blankets for swaddling/wrapping/covering/urp clothes/etc. We LOVE LOVE Aden and Anias blankets because they’re big enough to swaddle and light enough that they aren’t bulky. Plus, I used them to lay on the ground for him to lay on while playing.


Diaper Genie Tip: I use Hefty medium trash bags instead of the Genie refills because they are crazy cheap and do the same thing. 

– Changing pad for a changing table (you can obviously change him anywhere, but we found that, with a boy especially, changing time can be quite messy (i.e. pee flying everywhere despite your best attempts to cover it and poop explosions that shoot across the room) so having a set place with a mat or something underneath to help catch all of this is both nice and more sanitary.)

-several changing pad covers: we got one that matched our crib bedding but then a couple that we could switch out.

-“Puddle pads”we put these over the changing pad so that every time he pees or poops (i’m convinced he waits until AFTER i take his diaper off). that way you aren’t constantly washing the changing pad covers

Hand sanitizer (we keep this on the changing table and on all tables for that matter for when people come over)

Diapers- Again, everyone has their own opinion about brands or cloth vs. disposable. We used Pampers Swaddlers with the stripe that tells you when they have a wet diaper and love them because they’re the softest and i love that stripe! After a year, I switched to Costco brand when his skin was less sensitive.

Wipes- we use unscented Pampers Sensitive or Costco brand

-Travel diaper changing kit

– Diaper cream like Desitin/Aquafor

– Healthcare kit (nail clippers, nail files, thermometer (we got the one with the 3 different attachments but my doctor said that the rear-end way is the most accurate, saline, nose suction, Tylenol, Motrin, etc.) For his first little cold I was a bit unprepared so now we have a Crane cool-mist humidifier and a Nose Frida (totally gross but works)

Breast feeding

-My Breast Friend or Boppy– both really helpful for different reasons but we use the Boppy and had a Newborn pillow that propped him up when he was really little.

-Nipple cream- Lanolin in the purple bottle

-Nursing bra- the nursing tank was great for the hospital, but once my milk came in they didn’t fit me anymore. Seraphina has pretty ones that you won’t feel blegh in but honestly I’d only buy a couple because you’ll learn how to nurse with any bra and any shirt.

– Nursing cover- I used one from Eddie Bauer and one Bebe au Lait. Just try and get a light-weight fabric because the babes can get hot under there.

Breast pads for leaking…yeah its gonna happen. I used the disposable ones that just stuck to my bra but I just heard about these new silicone ones that are reusable, you just rinse them off and they suction to your skin. Genius!

– Gel pads to go on your nipples those first few days- really helpful! You can put them in the fridge too if you’re really sore (awkward but true).

– Bottles. I had NO clue which bottles to get since everyone I talked to liked something different.  We had to try SEVERAL types of bottles and Bud only liked the Evenflo Comfi Fit but if I’d only buy one of each bottle so you’re not stuck with a million bottles like we are!

-I got the Medela double electric pump. I loved it and its super quick but for traveling, sometimes I wish that I had a battery operated one.

– If you pump, get TONS of milk storage bags that hook onto the pump, some self cleaning wipes, and some steam cleaning bags that you can quickly sanitize the suction cups and equipment.


Boppy Newborn lounger: we used this a bunch with Bud so that he could rest throughout the house and give my arms a break! We also used a Moses basket for his naps when he wasn’t in his crib.

-Pacifiers- Bud didn’t use them but the random times he did he used the Soothies

-Equipment- We have a vibrating seat and a swing that hangs in the door. The seat is nice for when you’re doing things around the house and want to give him a break from just laying on the ground.

-Car seat and Stroller (We have the Graco Snugride 35 and love it). Get one that pops out of the car (has a base that stays in car) and can click into your stroller. We have the BOB Revolution stroller and LOVE LOVE it and we got the car seat adapter that allows our car seat to click right into the stroller. I would highly recommend that!

– We got a cheap umbrella stroller for when he’s older and we don’t feel like lugging around the BOB

– If you get the BOB, get the cup holder attachment b/c I use this for water bottles and keys and ipod on my runs/walks

Rocker/Glider (we found one on craigslist and I recovered it)

-Diaper bag: you can obviously pick which one you like the best but make sure it has lots of pockets and an insulated bottle compartment.

-Bath stuff- We started with an infant tub but I got tired of cleaning it each time so I just got in the tub with him and bathed him there because there is no clean up! Then once they can sit up, just plop them in your bathtub with a no-slip mat! Get some bath toys, baby towels, and soft washclothes. We use Aveeno baby shampoo and get one of the sponges with the soft bristles on the back side b/c that’ll help the cradle cap, and we love the Aveeno baby lotion.

Baby carrier and/or Sling- We have the Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, Ergo and the New Native sling. We like the BB because Bud can face out, I liked the Moby Wrap for comfort, and the sling for stuff around the house. We got the Ergo for Christmas that first year and I’m in love. It’s comfy and REALLY easy to put on quickly.

Baby Bookkeep this in the living room or somewhere you can easily access it and use to update when you think of things.

Sound Machine- We love the Sleep Sheep but it cuts off after a certain amount of time so once he got older and I wanted him to sleep through things we got one that lasted all night.

-Baby MonitorsWe got the standard Sony ones but then switched to the Summer Infant video monitors. I LOVE having a video monitor.

Glowing Seahorse– I can’t explain the power of this thing but it totally soothes him and we used it as a sleep cue every time he goes to sleep

Booster seat for eating : because we don’t have a lot of room we got the one that clips onto our dining room chair

– Sippy cups, plates, and baby silverware… because it’ll happen before you know it!

We also have the Bumbo and a Chicco Caddy seat that clips onto the edge of the table and we use those 2 things to feed him and you can use the caddy at restaurants and to travel with

– Storage baskets with linersyou’ll use these for clothes and other knick knacks

– TONS TONS of baby hangers

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover- I use this all the time. It covers shopping carts and all types of highchairs. I got the big fluffy one from Eddie Bauer that has elastic around the bottom. It works great.

Books- unless you want your child to be illiterate 😉 But get the board books otherwise you’ll be dealing with a lot of tiny paper cuts on your baby’s hands!

-Play Mat with dangling toys: we used this everyday and it really strengthened him reaching for toys that can also be used for tummy time

OBall and rattles and crinkle books are the only toys he used in the beginning. Anything that he can grab easily with bright colors.

– Play Mirror for floor…. because apparently babies are enamored with themselves.


Onesies. TONS and TONS in all sizes, long sleeve too. They even make them with the little mittens built in which were helpful in protecting their cute little faces from being scratched.

Footed PJs.  Get A LOT of these, I would highly suggest getting some that zip up instead of button. It is so much easier, especially in the middle of the night!

-A few fitted hats


-Cotton pants

– a jacket or two with hoods

BibsI didn’t really use these until we started Bud on solids

– Spit up/burp clothes just get a few cute ones for out in public but then just get a bunch of plain ones for the house b/c you’ll use them and wash them CONSTANTLY

– Then obviously, just the clothing you think is adorable!

So there ya have it! Anything I’m forgetting that seemed irreplaceable mama-pros out there?? 

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  • Heather Bogan

    Don’t forget a mirror for your car so you can see your little nugget while you drive. It is a sanity saver!! Also, those plastic links that you can link together in different ways are great for little ones to hold on to and play with. We linked a handful together to put on the handle of the car seat and Michelle loves to swat at them! 🙂 Something that has been a lifesaver for Troy and me is a bottle sterilizer so that you don’t have to run your dishwasher every day. Saves water and loads of time! We have the “The First Years BabyPro” one which is universal for all gadgets–you can even put toys and sippy cups in it! Hope this helps!

  • Brooke

    I also LOVED my nap nanny!

  • Brandee R

    Not a must have, but a wonderful accessory…the Boon Drying Lawn with trees and flowers. Holds paci’s, syringes, bottles, pump stuff, etc etc. Absolutely love mine and you’d be surprised how much you can stack on there!