Chocolate Milk

Now that Bud is getting older and older, he is developing such a hilarious personality. I’ve started documenting little memories of him that I hope will make me laugh when he’s 16 and telling me that I’m ruining his life.

Bud & the Chocolate Milk

I was in the other room working on something and Bud was playing…. or so I thought. I was just about to go check on him when I heard the refrigerator shut. I walked into the kitchen and based on what I saw, I had to stay hidden to watch his careful plan unfold.

Sweet Bud foraged the chocolate syrup out of the fridge, and started walking to the kitchen table where his milk was. He proceeded to sit carefully down with a giant smile on his face and open the chocolate syrup and said with a grin, “chock-ate mick” and starts to pour it into his milk (aka all over my table).

I had to swoop in at this moment (poor kid had no idea he was being watched) and help him pour some chocolate into his milk. I didn’t have the heart to say no, the dude worked so hard. I love that he thought, “Hey, I have an idea, I’m going to get chocolate syrup out and make my own chocolate milk without Mama knowing.” Sometimes being a good mom means embracing the mess and saying YES!

*Note to self, hide the chocolate syrup*


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  • Deana Vogt

    Love this! Can’t wait for times like these with Ben 🙂

  • Kimberly Howell

    This is hilarious! What a fun memory!