Bud’s Sayings

*Pregnancy brain has hit me hard this time around and I had no idea I had published this until my mother started quoting Bud and when I asked her how she knew he said that, she said, “Um, your blog?” Sooooo SORRY for the random list of Bud sayings, I had no idea I published it! I have been keeping a list for awhile now so I can remember his little sayings and quirks. Since this is his digital baby book, here are the translations:


otay = Okay

….. now = he follows everything with “now”. “milk now?” “nap now?”

idontwanttoo = I don’t want to (all.the.time.)

iwuzyou = I love you

scuzeeee = Excuse me

toopiddog = Stupid dog (oops)

you otay? = You okay? This usually happens after I fall or growl about something that I can’t get to work and he runs up and says, “You otay Mama?”

tank you mama= Thank you Mama

wee-o trucks or wee-o cars – firetrucks or police cars

He can’t walk by music without dancing and when we are in the car he’ll say, “Utick on? Utick on?” – Music on!

He loves to wrestle, throw the ball for, or pat Roy saying “i wuz you”

ready dog? = yeah, he actually says that one right

Each morning I ask, “Bud, what do you want for breakfast?” and he screams, “PANCAKES!”

I love that he still talks to himself in the mornings while he wakes up.

He took to a big boy bed awesomely! “boy bed?” he keeps saying. But the first nap I put him in there he was all over the place. I looked at him on the monitor and he was counting the rocketships on his sheets and pulling the curtains back saying , “pretty day! pretty day!” which I guess I say when I open the curtains in the morning?

“Whuuh happened?!” = What happened?

“what IS dis?” = What is this?

“come on mama! come on dada!”


“hike?”= ┬áhide and he buries himself in pillows

He has started yelling “HEY PEOPLE!” every time we pass a group of people…. I can barely keep it together.



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