Toddler judge-y face

Sorry I’ve been a slack blogger recently. Honestly, I have dozens of half-written posts in my drafts and I just can’t find the inspiration to finish them. I also have a hilarious toddler who is so fun to play with that I’ve been spending every moment soaking up this one on one time I have with him. I know it’s limited to just 8 more weeks….. seriously?

His naptimes have been spent with me sewing curtains and trying to get some stuff ready for his BIG BOY ROOM! WHAT?! I’ll definitely be posting pictures once its done but he’s so obsessed with his big boy bed so I’m encouraged about the transition. We’ll probably start next week…. so weird.

But all this to say, I hope you have an awesome weekend and I’m sorry I’ve been so slack. Bud is making enough judge-y faces for all of you.


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