Happiness in NC Part Deux

I know I already mentioned how amazing my trip to NC was and it went by way too quickly but I had to throw some more pictures on here that I took with my phone.

Meet Jude, one of my favorite friends in the world. She is made of strength, grace, tie dye, and hilarity. She also was suckered by my son who was whining because he was too small to climb the playground so the next thing I know I look at Jude and she’s taking off her coat and declaring, “Bud is going down the slide!” and proceeds to take him through the kids’ sized maze so that he can go down the slide like the big kids. Friendship everyone… take notice.


Another one of dad’s “toys” that Bud became obsessed with. When Dad would get home from home Bud would grab his hand and make a bee line for the motorcycle. If he wants one when he’s 16, I’m blaming Pops.


My friend Betsy was in town the same weekend and we miss each other fiercely so we got to let our boys play and we could catch up. That woman has been one of my most steadiest friends since I was 18. And her boys (including her hubs) are just so awesome.


I could do an entire post about the train museum in Spencer, NC but don’t worry I won’t. But it was basically an entire day of paradise for Bud. SO MANY TRAINS! It was  super kid friendly so I wasn’t hollerin’ “No touch Bud!” and he even got to ride the train in which he kept yelling, “CHOO CHOO! ALL ABOARD!” so clearly it was a successful day. Plus, I got a kettle corn.

IMG_2277 IMG_2258 IMG_2250


After our bumpy trip in Christmas, I was a bit scarred and worried that Bud wouldn’t sleep again and be super grumpy. Ummmm, this was his face the entire time. It made my heart so happy to see him around all four of his grandparents and playing in the dirt and being in the sun. These are the things I will never take for granted when we get closer.


 This is Grace and her Charlie. Yall- this child was prayed for for six years and he is here! And he’s pretty dang perfect. I love him so much and it was such a sweet time to celebrate with Grace and Michael over their miracle and just get some one on one snuggles (with Charlie…. not Michael). Thanks to Grandpa and Nana Metzler for watching Bud while I got some good time with Grace!



 As I was driving through the Triangle, I got to squeeze in a quick lunch with Melissa and there was much squealing, laughing, and sharing parenting stories. Such a sweet friend in her.


Here is Bud with his Grandpa. He is so blessed with incredible grandparents and feels very comfortable with all four of them. Blessed little dude. He was very excited to ride Grandpa’s lawn mower!


 Sam’s parents also got a new dog, Abby who was a little unsure of ole Bud but then warmed right up. Here is Nana with her Abby and Bud. Can we also take notice of Bud’s smirk…. that is a complete replica of his daddy. I told him he better lose that later in life because that smirk is how I got married at 23 and pregnant twice over. Again…. anybody know if they make chastity belts for boys?


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  • Kate@Daffodils

    Show your dad the pic of Cullen’s dirtbike with training wheels.. I am sure Bud will have one under the tree for Christmas 😉

  • Jude

    i love you. i do know, I am pushing it on being “kid sized” anymore though 😉