McCauley Reunion

So I’m back BABY! Our trip was ah-mazing but as usual, went by WAY too quickly. There were dozens of people that I didn’t get to see that my heart so desperately wanted to see and hug. It’s always such a whirlwind when we visit because we try and see family across the state and I always have to borrow my mom’s car (high school much?) and so when I’m boarding the plane back to WA not only is my heart achey about leaving my North Carolina, it’s also achey because I start thinking about the friends that I never got to see. So I’m so sorry to you peeps, but we are trying to get back as quickly as we can! This trip was such a gift from my parents who called a few weeks ago and offered to pay for tickets for both Bud AND me because Dad hadn’t seen Bud since Christmas so I really wanted to honor that and spend some quality time with them and that’s what we did. It was really sweet to spend relaxing time with them this trip because we’re usually all over the place.

One thing that I did get to do was have a little reunion with my college roommates. I’ve had to miss the reunions the past couple of years because of the whole living across the country thing but two of us wanderers were actually back in NC at the same time so we decided to capitalize on it. We were missing three roommates (we missed you Jo, Catherine, and Cat S!) but it was still a success! These are the “McCauley girls”. We lived in an old house on McCauley Street in Chapel Hill and morphed into sisters. It was the first time I ever lived with girls other than my mother and I was……. a newbie in a sea of estrogen.

Ahhhh college. And yes, I recognize everyone is wearing cute Santa hats and I’m wearing reindeer ears. This is more fitting than you know.

Engagement 075

But through those 3 years, I learned what it meant to be vulnerable, that it really DOES piss people off when I leave dirty dishes in the sink, how to strategically sneak in on my roommates when they are making out with their boyfriends and maniacally laugh while they shriek in shock and straighten their J.Crew blouses, and how to really care and be cared for. I still miss getting dressed to go out together blaring whatever terrible pop song was gracing our radios and sitting on the couch watching chick flicks and playing with each other’s hair….. because, yeah that happened.

We laughed at how much our lives had changed since rocking on the front porch of McCauley. Now we were wrangling children away from poison oak and hot grills instead of drinking lemon drop martinis and dancing the night away. But life is still pretty damn good and I’m so grateful we’ve all stayed in touch.

Here are the boys (and me, shock) exploring the woods


Our newest member Charlie riding the stuffed coyote… naturally.


This has to be my favorite picture from the day because it sums up how much has changed. No more picture perfect poses with the ever-so-slight head tilt but instead, we just want a damn picture where the kids are looking at the camera and we’re not having a nip slip.


Eh, close enough.


And my amazing daddy gave a hay ride for everyone, highlight of the day!


Bud and Thompson…. future loves. I’ll definitely be sneaking in and breaking up their make-out fests. But seriously, how adorable are they?! And more importantly, do they make chastity belts for boys?


Such a fun day seeing the McCauley girls and half of us are preggo AGAIN… one with their fourth… WUT.IS.HAPPENING?! The ratio of bottled waters to beer was the highest  I’ve ever bought for one of our events. Ahhh… growing up amiright? 

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  • Alyson Bobbitt Jamison

    Love, love, love this post! What a wonderful day it was!