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Hello SSOS folks!



((anyone else look at that and want to start singing ABBA? am I alone in that? why am I the only one signing ABBA now?))



I’ve already lost sight of my point.




Guest post! That’s right! Hi!


I’m Lauren from Happenstance + Wanderlust and even though I’m woefully late in getting this to Martha, she’s been gracious enough to let me post here! I totally meant to get this to her days ago but somewhere between working nonstop and friends in town and birthdays… I got lost in the shuffle.


My mind has been a little jumbled lately. Something tells me I’m not alone in that. Amen?


Amen and hallelujah.


It’s a comfort knowing we’re not alone in things – things like that vaguely important thing called life. Navigating through the joy and the sorrow alike, if we look around we see we’re never alone.


((although it should be noted I’m still the only one singing ABBA here and woah, woah, woah, where did this sequined jumpsuit come from?))


Did I get lost in here again? Oh, no, here I am…


We’re never alone, and if we’re very lucky, and very blessed, we get the rare chance in life to build a family around us. We get to pull people from the innumerable strangers of this earth and call them our own – brothas from anotha motha, if you will.


If you’ve been keeping up with the many adventures of these here Metzlers, you’d have seen the excitementsurrounding the recent visit Martha posted about when their kindred spirits came to visit. I loved that post so much because you could see that she wasn’t just talking about some old chums whose paths had crossed those of her and Sam – no, these were the little pieces of their hearts they stumbled upon back in the day and very well may have said to themselves, “Oh! There you are!”


Friends like that may not come around often, but when they do, that’s where the magic happens.


And I’ve been blessed to have a life positively brimming with magic.


See, I have this group of friends. A band of brothers and sisters. We’re a handful, we are.




 I mean really, a night with these guys is more like a night at the circus than anything else ((and I’m not just saying that because when we last got together my buddy Shane ended up doing an impromptu light show for us as he spun balls of fire around himself while Matty stood by with the garden hose aimed and ready – that’s what everyone does on a Sunday night, yes?)). But really, you couldn’t piece together a more eclectic little family and my God, I couldn’t love them more.


Some of us are covered in tattoos, some of us not. Some are tall, some are short. Some are Christians, some are atheists. Some would be right at home in the middle of a mosh pit, some would rather camp out on Mt. Hood with only a bag a beef jerky and one of those newfangled water purification contraptions. Some drink whiskey, some pick whatever drink is pinkest ((cough, Billy, cough cough)).


We make no sense. But we love each other. Fiercely.


There are hard and fast ties that hold us together – deep in the heart stuff that they haven’t invented a word powerful enough to describe yet, but if you were to line us up and take a look at the lot of us you’d wonder what kind of sick joke this is.


But in trying to find the right word for what it is that holds us unfailingly in the ranks alongside each other, I’ve chosen this:


These people are my non-negotiables.


Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.32.29 PM


They are my own, cut from the same bolt of whatever it is we’re made of. They are not options for me. They are the ones that if someone were to say, “It’s either me or them” and I’d choose them.


Every. Time.


Can’t deal with these knuckleheads?


Sorry, Charlie.


Now I’m not saying ya’ll have to be new best friends or feel the desperate need to spend quality time with them, I mean heck no, we’re not going to be that harsh.


But you’ve gotta be okay that that’s how I  roll with ’em.


This little family we’ve built – this is my yardstick by which I measure any future friendships.




And if you’re anything like Dean, obviously humbled by the fact that somewhere between his inappropriate comments and frequent inability to wear pants ((longer story than we have time for here)) he became part of the “new standard”, you’ll take in all of what I’ve just proclaimed and offer only the simplest of responses:


“Well… yeah.






So now I’m curious here guys… Who are your non-negotiables?


Oh, my heart hopes you have those people in your life. They really are wonderful. They are the embodiment of what it means to never be alone. They are the ones who walk beside you, hold you up, fight for you, guide you, love you and breathe life into you.


And nothing gets between you and your people.



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