Headed East

Bud and I are headed to North Carolina for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends since we’ll be hunkering down in the PNW for awhile when 2.0 comes around and Mama isn’t prepared to do this cross country trip with 2 kiddos. aint nobody got time for that. 

Pray for a safe trip and for Bud to sleep better this time around because I’m not sure I can handle another Christmas break situation.

On another note, Bud’s vocabulary is growing like CRAZY and so I’m going to start documenting the funny things he says. Last night we were eating supper and Sam finished his plate and Bud looked over with a super concerned look on his face and said, “Dada more! Dada more!” and desperately wanted to get Sam more food. It was adorable.

*** Also- anyone want to do some guest posts while I’m gone over the next two weeks? I’ll still be posting some of our fun NC adventures but if any readers out there want to do a guest post over the next 2 weeks just email me (marthabmetz@gmail.com) and I’ll make it happen (unless you’re a crazy person, because no)


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  • Hope you have a fun time!! It was so nice to see you at the walk! Take care of those baby boys!

    • will do and i’m so glad i got to see that adorable baby of yours!