An ordinary, extraordinary weekend

The past weekend was one of those that left me smiling on Sunday evening as I reflected on how our time was spent. While Monday came too quickly, I don’t think we could have enjoyed each other any more over the weekend. Does that make sense? Sometimes Monday comes and I’m like all like dammit!! we just ate pizza and slothed it on the floor! But this weekend, we made our own adventures and really soaked each other in.

Friday night Sam got home around 6ish and we all ate supper TOGETHER (this never happens b/c my man works hard for the dollaz and doesn’t get home until late) and just played until it was time for Bud to go to bed. Saturday I woke up and did a March of Dimes walk with a bunch of other phenom bloggers from Washington and yall, it was cold and rainy and awesome. I’m not lying. Ergo GENEROUSLY supplied us with purple ergos since that is the March of Dimes color and we walked it out in style.


Thanks ErgoBaby!


Then Saturday afternoon the sun decided to come out so we went on our favorite nature walk at Nisqually. I love it because its flat so Bud can actually walk instead of being in the stroller (he had already put in 4 miles in the stroller that morning so he was due a break!) and there is so much wildlife to for Bud to squeal at.





These were my Grandma’s shoes and I always feel closer to her when I wear them. I feel a little cooler, a little braver, and a little feistier when I wear them.

During Bud’s nap Sam and I decided that we should build a garden. Totally normal. So Sam went and got the supplies for the bed at Home Depot.

Then we ate at this old diner, Norma’s which is famous for its burgers and they DELIVER! We all had yummy burgers and Bud and I split a watermelon milkshake SAY WHAT?! It was so fun.

Sunday we woke up and went to the Olympia Farmer’s Market to pick out our veggie plants but the sun came out and we ended up having an awesome time just hanging out at the market. Music, dancing, lunch with my boys….. nothing could have been better.



These ladies were LEGIT…. they were so good.


Sam built the bed for the garden and then during Bud’s nap, Sam and I planted the garden and it was done by the time he woke up! I’m sure we did something else Sunday afternoon but I honestly can’t remember.


Twerk it baby….. that’s a man ladies and gents.



Finished product! Butternut squash, tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemary, and cucumbers!

I’m loving this life with my guys and I know it’ll be even richer adding another one to the mix.

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