The MerrMetz Visit


Remember when I told you our friends Ash and John were coming to visit last weekend? Well it was amazing and I’m just now posting about it because I’ve been in denial that they left us.

They got in late Friday and we kept Bud awake so that he could finally meet John. Bud was in heaven all weekend (despite some gnarly molars coming in) and LOVED Ash and John. He kept squealing, “DJOHNNY!! ASHEY!!” Man, it’s so fun to see my kid love my friends as much as I do.

Saturday we woke up and went to Pike’s Place in Seattle so that they could get a taste of that. We walked around the market and got our favorite doughnuts (Pike’s Place Bakery). Then we went to our favorite sandwich place, the Honeyhole…. please go if you haven’t. It’s like carb-love in your mouth.

We came on back, Bud took a nap and when he got up we played around the house and yard and then the grown ups headed out to downtown Olympia for supper at Basilico. Yall- if you are in the area, PLEASE go to Basilico. It was the best Italian food I’ve had.

Sunday we went to the Olympia Farmer’s Market, a staple in the Metzler household. We go there almost every weekend when its open. It was kinda bummer weather but we still made the best of it and walked around their garden and got some yummy pears and salmon. We tried to eat lunch out at Tugboat Annie’s until we got there and remembered it was Mother’s Day and so it was PACKED. As well as all the other favorite lunch places so we decided to head on back and the guys picked up take out while I put Bud down for his nap and we ate some food and just sat around talking. It was so nice to have our friends here and staying up through the night chatting about hilarious college memories and being honest w

Then when Bud woke up, it was GORGEOUS weather so we walked down to the sound which some cocktails (for the guys…. only a few more months yall) and sat by the water and just watched trains, otters, and skipped stones. We could have sat there forever. But eventually it was supper time so we headed back and grilled the salmon we got at the farmers market.

Monday we tried to do another hike but it started pouring down rain. Shocking. Then it was time for them to go 🙁

Come back PLEASE.


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