Mother’s Day


It may have come and gone in a Hallmark flash without a lot of fanfare but I don’t need a day to feel special to be your Mama. Every single day I get completely overwhelmed with love for you. I love glancing back in the car and just giggling at the sight of your innocence. I love the way you wrap your arms around me when I come to get you in the mornings. I weep at the thought of you experiencing hurt in the future that I won’t be able to fix. I laugh at the way your little body runs across a giant field as if it is just going to swallow you whole. I find a peace and a patience wash over me even in your worst tantrums because I know that you are still made of gold in my eyes.

Things are going to get a little nuts here in a few months and I just need you to know that I love being your Mama and I don’t need a brunch or glitter or a Hallmark card to be reminded that each day is a complete, lovely adventure with you. Our day was perfect just the way it was and I wanted to document all of these feelings this morning as I wait for you to wake up.

I adore you,

Your Mama


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