Easiest Jungle Craft EVER

I was looking for a craft the other day for Bud and we decided on making a jungle! What you say? A jungle. I may or may not have blared “Welcome to the Jungle” from the speakers the entire time.

I wanted to get him outside in the dirt and so we went on a scavenger hunt for things to put in our jungle. Sticks, grass, flowers, dirt, rocks, Roy’s poop…. just kidding, just wanted to see if you were paying attention. And then we brought it back inside and I had put together a recycled box with a bit of that grass stuffing that people use in floral arrangements.

Then we gathered our Dollar Tree (don’t hate) toys and added all the animals or “ahm-als” as Bud calls them to our little jungle box. I added a stick through the top and glued some birds on there which he promptly ripped off in t-minus 2 minutes.

We glued a bunch of nature scenes from magazines to the sides since I was too lazy to paint the thing.

Days later, he’s still playing in it constantly. He loves it and it was a perfect blend of crafting, outside time, and now- independent play while I sneak chocolate in the kitchen make a grocery list!

IMG_1907 IMG_1906 IMG_1908


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  • Laurie Morton

    Love it!! I’ll have to remember that for when zeb gets a little older!

  • Great idea!! Is it on your Pinterest?!?

  • Kimberly Howell

    I love your jungle! Adalynn still plays with an aquarium that I made out of a cardboard box last Spring. It’s the small things!