MerrMetz Extravaganza begin!!

So my college roomie Ashley and her husband John are coming to visit us this weekend! They are some of our best friends and it has been FOREVER since we’ve seen them. We are so grateful that they are coming and look forward to many laughs, adventures, and late night guitar on the back porch.

It’s so strange to me that Bud hasn’t really seen all four of us together because so many of our memories from the last decade of our life involve the Merritts. We saw each other fall in love, we were all in each other’s weddings, and we’ve spent more nights together than can be counted. Ash was my maid of honor, John sang as I walked down the aisle to my man (Iron & Wine’s Such Great Heights to be exact) and we were honored to be a scheming part of their engagement. They live in Jackson Hole (I know, tough life) but hopefully we can make visits more frequent.

I have probably embarrassed Ash more than she’d like, feel like John is my brother, and I love how close Sam and John are. Ash and John are pregnant and I can’t wait to meet this little nugget. I plan on showing this child all the embarrassing pictures of their parents and making sure he/she knows that Aunt Martha will be there for anything they need.

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Ash is the kind of friend that I was a f^*&(#$ basketcase at her wedding. I felt like I was giving her away. Sam safety hid in the corner and shook off all responsibility for me.

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you’re welcome john. you’re welcome.

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  • Cambey

    Ooooooh I am SO excited y’all are hanging out! I can’t wait to see pics from this epic, lovely weekend!!! Love each and every one of you! And thanks for posting a picture of Johnny in a tutu – I always knew he wanted to be more like his little sister!

  • Randy

    Awesome….Can you please send me the picture of John shirtless in the pink tutu? Ya’ll have a blast…..this is what life is about!

    • Ashley

      Shirtless and pantless Randy…..

    • i’ll definitely send it your way!

  • Graham

    Such fun memories and many more to come. Love seeing all the pics. Share more, please.
    Love and miss seeing you guys. Hopefully see you soon. Have a wonderful fun time together.
    Daddy (and Granddaddy to be) Graham and Momma Leslie
    How about you and Ashley both having dads and brothers named Graham? How cool is that?

  • Ashley

    Glad to see Demar making his debut on the blog. Couldn’t help but notice you used the more “appropriate” pic from my surprise bday trip to Linville. You know people wanna see your mans abs….

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