Question #7

This one came from an old friend, Sally who is so adorable it’ll make your eyes twitch. You should check out her new blog, Sally Cooks. Sally and I went to high school together and she is so full of joy and positivity. Here is her question:

As someone who hasn’t had a baby yet, but would like to have one in the next year or two, what are some things to do to get your body and mind ready? 
First of all, CONGRATS on getting married soon because you look so happy. Truly sharing your life with someone is one of the most blissful, challenging and mind boggling things you will ever do. Marrying Sam is the best thing I have ever done. When I said my vows to him seven years ago (WHAAA?!), I thought I knew love but oh man, every single day I look at him with a new kind of love that just blows my mind.
And secondly, while there are things you can practically do, there’s just not much you can do to fully be ready to open your life and heart up to kiddos. Physically, every single pregnancy is different so there’s no prediction if you’ll have a hard one, easy one, or if your “glow” feels more like a raging case of heartburn. The best thing you can do is provide a good, healthy home for your baby. Eat right, take care of yourself, and find peace. I found the more stressed out YOU are, the more stressed out the baby is – in utero or out in this world.
Plus- just be prepared for your body doing weird things during pregnancy and just learn to go with it. Weird things stretch, weird things go in, weird things come out, nothing hangs the way it used to, and it can affect everything from your hair and nail growth to the swelling of your ankles. The best advice I have is to find a great provider who won’t shrug off your questions, embrace your sense of humor, and forget about wearing lingerie for that last 5 months.
As far as your mind goes, honestly, learn to be flexible. You could go into labor early, you could go into labor late. You have no idea how you’ll respond to labor so hold your birth plan loosely. This practice of flexibility will suit you nicely when your sweet bundle of joy comes out. There’s no perfect game plan for raising your child, you just have to figure out the best way for YOUR family. And for God’s sake, we gotta support each other because ain’t nobody got time for mama-bashing.
Oh, and prepare yourself for the incoming opinions from everyone….. I mean EVERYONE. Family, friends, strangers in the frozen yogurt department. Be confident in yalls decisions and find a fun comment back to the weirdos who insert their opinions or horror stories into your life.
Also- Bud was 9 days late and there’s really no preparing yourself for when your belly looks like this at 41 weeks.
40 week walk
(please take a moment of silence for the flip-phone)
And there’s absolutely no preparing you for the joy that you’ll experience as soon as they place that piece of your heart on your chest.
Wishing you all the goodness and love life can bring my friend!!!
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