Monterey Trip

As I mentioned a few days ago, we spent last weekend in Monterey visiting some of our favorite people. The Larrabees are so dear to us and it was such fate that we became friends back in Winston Salem. I basically tackled her because she was wearing an Army sweatshirt and Sam had just joined and I knew NOTHING (I still don’t know much) about the Army. And then we found out that we somehow lived on the same street just six houses apart and had never crossed paths but that obviously changed because we were all up in each other’s lives after that.

It’s an awesome kind of friendship where the dudes are just as close as the gals and now the kids are becoming friends. Man, we are so blessed with them.

Here is our trip in pictures. The scenery, the company, everything was just perfect. Bud had this peace about him the whole trip because he was playing just as he was designed to. He got to stay outside all day and play in the dirt and run around. It made my heart ache for PNW summers when it doesn’t rain and he’ll be able to do that.

IMG_1856 Here is Cullen reading to Bud, our hearts totally melted into a giant puddle of goo.


We took on a drive down Hwy 1 and I mean…. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
So gorgeous.
The guys went golfing on Saturday morning so Kate and I took the boys to the aquarium. I love watching the kiddos faces take in all the wonder.
The future college roommates going down the slide crazy boy style.
My Kate and I having “happy hour” by the beach… yeah that’s a virgin margarita. A girl can dream…
The boys playing on the beach
Be still my heart. I’ll never get tired of seeing these two together.
Dads and their boys. We were laughing at night once the kids went to bed because we used to spend our nights heading down to the neighborhood bar but now we spend it on the couches trying not to wake the kids up. Life has changed but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bud was enamored with all the rocks. He kept syaing “ROCK ROCKS!”
Thanks again Kate and Kev for an amazing weekend, we love yall!
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