Question #5

Oh man, I’m cracking up at this question because if you would have told 18 year old Martha that someone would be asking for my advice on health/fitness/bootylicious, well I would have laughed in your face.

This is from sweet Laurie who is kicking ass and taking names raising two boys 14.5 months apart!

I’d like to know how you got your pre first child body back. You were looking like a rockstar after Bud. I just had the second and it’s time to start working on it. Need a plan ASAP!

OK first off, I’m really against (for myself…. and maybe in general but to each his own) fad diets and cleanses and all that. They freak me out and honestly, all the ones I used to do when I was overweight only made me more obsessive about weight loss without caring about my health and I never stuck with them. I remember trying this stupid cabbage soup and grapefruit diet only to binge eat a week later because I was so starving. Honestly, the key is consistent exercise and healthy eating. I know that’s annoying but its so true.

With kids, without kids, there is always an excuse not to exercise. Here’s the thing, I used to work full time – sometimes 70 hour weeks. I was tempted to make excuses but you have to schedule in exercise just like you would a doctor’s appointment and find the time of the day that works for you. I’d even write out what I was going to do on my calendar. If I knew I’d be working late one night, I’d get up before work (ugh) and walk/run/workout video. And if I didn’t do it in the morning before work, then I’d make sure before I went into the kitchen at home, I’d put on my workout clothes and work out before supper.

Now that I have a kiddo, I either run (walk now that I’m pregnant) with him in the morning or afternoon. If I don’t do something while he’s awake like running, then during his naptime I do a video. It can be anything from a hilarious cardio dance party or yoga/pilates. And have fun with it, exercise sucks if you can’t find one you enjoy. Or just look like a fool doing it like I did this particular day.



I am admittedly not a gym person, so my workouts are done outside or at home. But if you are a gym person, do an early morning class or a class right after work! Having something like a class scheduled might be the push you need.

Does your kid not nap and refuse to sit in the stroller? Either find a work out video that he/she can mess around and play while you do it OR find a friend to swap days with! Sometimes my friend Kim and I trade off watching our kiddos so the other can take a solo run.

I try to work out each day, but sometimes it ends up being 5-6 days/week. If its walking/running, I rarely go longer than an hour. If its a video, I try and pick a 45 min to an hour one. But if you can only squeeze in 20 minutes, 20 minutes is better than nothing! Hulu Plus has workout videos I’ve been doing, tons to choose from.

Now, the eating thing. Just keep lots of healthy snack foods, fruits, and veggies around. I don’t do “dieting” but I just make sure to eat healthily throughout the day. The only drink I really drink is water so avoiding sugary drinks hasn’t been a temptation for me. (Obvi I still love my wine and beer when I’m not pregnant) 


The best lesson I learned is that its a lifestyle change, not a sprint to look like the actresses in People magazine. If I obsessed over my weight, then I’d always end up in an unhealthy place. But as soon as I made exercise and healthy eating part of my every day routine, including putting it on my calendar, then I started to see results. And as we all know, I’m not afraid to indulge in the things I love. Life is too short yo.


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  • Laurie Morton

    Thanks for that, Martha! I think I just need a boost! Gotta find a good DVD

  • Kim

    oh drat-I’m sitting on the couch-I need to left weights-I just want to sleep! Motivation, Martha-thanks!

    • ha or just keep sitting b/c you’re preggo and sick 🙂