The Metzlers’ Visit

Last week we had Sam’s parents come stay with us for a few days and it was so good to see them. Bud loved being around them and they got to see little bits of our life out here. We even got one afternoon of sun while they were here but then they got to see the gloom and doom the rest of the time. BUT its sunny and warm this week so I AM IN HEAVEN.

Also- check Kate’s blog to see the amazing time we had in Monterey. I’ll post some on my end but she’s ahead of the game as usual. 

Bud and his Nana


Playing with Nana and Grandpa

IMG_6060 IMG_6066 IMG_6073

The only pictures I can take of Sam is when he has no idea I’m taking them…. sucker.

IMG_6090 IMG_6092

Thanks for coming to visit Marty and Jan!

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