Question #1

I’m loving these questions coming in. I’ll be answering one per day and keep them coming if you have more! You can leave a comment or email me at

Question from Laura R., you wanted to know the books I have by my bedside. Well, to be 100% transparent, I’m not a huge reader. I love it but I find myself writing more in my free time than I do reading. BUT, here’s what I have.

1000 Gifts. Amazing, please read it. It’s empowering, encouraging, and a real kick in the ass when I need it. Just get through the first couple of pages with graphic birthing imagery (totally unrelated to the book by the way) and you’ll be blown away.


Loving the Little Years. I love this book because you can pick it up any time and the chapters are super short. It’s a quick read or just a daily pick-me-up. It is honest, hilarious, vulnerable and reminds us to really enjoy the season of the chaos of having youngins.


Into Thin Air: I realize this is super random to have but I just keep randomly reading it because it draws me in and still amazes me that they went through all that.


Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Well, it’s collecting dust since Bud was born but I’ve got it laid out ready to read again for when #2 comes along.


Bossypants: Because you and I have nothing in common if you don’t understand why I love this book so much and keep picking it up to read. THE BEST.


Bible: Because its my survival if I’m honest.

Thanks again for sending questions, yall are awesome. Keep ’em coming!


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