Writer’s Block

Yall I have some serious writer’s block. SO I figured I’d open the floor up to yall to ask any question you want. It could be personal, about parenting, birth, military life, mental health, blogging, pregnancy, marriage, faith, or what my favorite candy is.

You can email me at marthabmetz@gmail.com or leave a comment! I’ll start answering them ASAP.

If you don’t, I’ll Facetime you like this…..


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  • Sarah

    Martha, I want to know how you and Sam reconnected after him being gone for so long. How did you establish the new “normal”, having two parents present in the house, even the mundane things…and how did little Bud adjust to it?

  • Laurie Morton

    I’d like to know how you got your pre first child body back. You were looking like a rockstar after Bud. I just had the second and it’s time to start working on it. Need a plan ASAP!

  • Laura Rockwell

    I want to know what books you have on your nightstand.

  • Kate@Daffodils

    What are you most nervous about having 2? How is this pregnancy (feeling, emotions, gummy bear eating) different than Bud’s?

    Does coming to my house this weekend and seeing the amount of dirt that is multiplied with two boys and that 99% of your time will be spent saying the words “Careful!” and “No wrestling on the stairs!” terrify you?