I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly….


16 weeks


I figured I should do a bump/preggo check in since I think I started doing them at like, week 13 with Bud (that’s adorable of me).


18 weeks (in Bud’s awesomely organized bathroom)


How far along today: 20 weeks, due date of August 22 still looking good



20 weeks


Gender: BIZZOOYYYYYYY….. I’m so glad I invested in an Oreck vacuum because I know it’s going to be so dirty in my house in the future.

Also true conversation with my brother:

G: Another boy huh? I think you’ll have all boys.
M: No, I told Sam I’m going to get a girl out of him before this is all said and done.
G: You know babies come from you right?
M: Not the way we do it.

Symptoms: I felt like sha-poop wrapped in fire trapped in a hot sweaty room filled with annoying people like Rush Limbaugh and Mariah Carey until week 16. But now I feel AWESOME! It was the exact same way with Bud, week 16 I miraculously stopped throwing up every minute of the every day and got my energy back.

Cravings: Popsicles, margaritas (don’t worry, they’re virgin but oooh I can’t wait for September when they will no longer be virgin), and popsicle margaritas.

Aversions: Seafood

Random Thoughts: I love being able to have my cup of coffee in the morning again. I didn’t during the 1st trimester because I just didn’t have a taste for it but I’m back in action! I get up an hour before Bud and sit with my coffee and read Scripture and some other readings and it’s my sanity. I think with this season of life I’m having to be extra intentional about taking time for self-care. (And please don’t email me about how I shouldn’t have one cup of coffee in the morning because then I’ll have to school you with research and sass.)

I was able to get the same midwife that delivered Bud, Amber. I’m so grateful because it’s kind of a free for all at Madigan. I’m still planning on birthing him naturally but haven’t started reading my books again……. such is life with #2.

Also, this time around, Sam will be here for the pregnancy! He was gone for the last 6 months until a week before the due date with Bud so I told him I’m going to cash in on some foot rubs but really, it’s just going to be fun having him here for that amazing process of getting huge, waddling, and the baby kicking.

Anything else I should include in these? I want to be able to treasure this time like its my first so tell me if I’m forgetting some sweet things you think I’ll want to remember!




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  • Ashley Grooms

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and I don’t think I’ve ever commented. BUT we have tremendous things in common, like North Carolina (I went to Wake Forest, class of 2007); I have a baby girl who is close to Bud’s age (8/31/11); and I am also due on 8/22 with a boy! Totally psyched about this. If we didn’t live 3,000 miles apart I”d say we should totally hang out and eat popsicles together, and you could tell me how to be a good boy mom.

    • Rachel Morgan Little

      Haha hey Ashley! Martha is a friend of mine from high school.mand yes, y’all would love each other. Martha 1) congrats, boys are wonderfully hilarious 2) drink that coffee with pride. The caffeine research is crappy evidence, so I had a cup every day of my pregnancy. Bam.

      • oh man, so fun! yay connections! thanks doc on the coffee advice, i always love the looks i get 🙂

    • hey ashley!! i’m so glad you commented!!! oh man, same due date which is CRAZY! PLEASE keep in touch so i know if you’ve had your baby, we can be boy twinsies! we should definitely hang when i get back to NC!

  • Molly Parker

    You look beautiful! I have been waiting on your preggo update! Love you and Popsicles wish we were eating them together right now!!

  • Jude

    love love love the bump.
    boys are the best! woohoo!