Easter 2013

When you live thousands of miles from your family, your friends become more important than ever. If there has been one thing we’ve learned here its that raising a family without family around is hard, but not if you have battle buddies to help you along the way. We watch each other kiddos, we laugh and cry together during deployments, we share meals together, we step in for last minute emergencies, and we of course, celebrate holidays together. Easter was no different, we had a great weekend with our family-friends and it was so special.

Sam was out of town for Easter weekend and left early Thursday but before he left, we did a quick trial Easter egg hunt in the backyard.



Then on Friday I had some friends and kiddos over to decorate Easter cookies and then I hid about 60 eggs in the backyard and they had the best time hunting for them. I’m so grateful for these mamas and even though some of them are leaving us soon (ahhh such is life in the military) I know we’ll be buds forever.







Saturday, I started the day off with bunny pancakes and then we went to the big neighborhood egg hunt with our better half family, the Howells. Adalynn and Bud are inseparable and he is obsessed with their whole family.  The egg hunt was um….. it was hilariously chaotic. When all the kids were lined up, Jordan leaned over and whispered, “I wonder if this is how the Hunger Games feels like.” And then I died. Because it was so true. I haven’t even read those books, (you know why) but when they yelled “GO” parents were scooping eggs up and throwing them in buckets and kids were getting trampled. Hysterical.


Sunday Bud and I went to church and then to an amazing Easter lunch at the Howells. They are transitioning out of the Army in the late summer and I’m in complete denial about it because they are such a part of our every day life. Kim fixed us a delicious traditional Easter meal and it was so friggin’ yummy.



All in all, it was such a fun celebratory weekend with my boy and our friends. I hope yall had an awesome Easter and celebrated with family or friends-family.


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  • You all are so cute! Also read the hunger games for the love,

  • Kate@Daffodils

    This isn’t the post I am waiting for.

  • Kimberly Howell

    It was such a great weekend! So glad to spend it with yall’:) Let’s not talk about end of summer;(